TechMed designs and manufacturers standard and custom Ultraviolet disinfection products ideal for Surface and Air disinfection with zero use of chemicals, the UV-C Light has natural properties to kill virus, bacteria and molds, in fact it kills any biological contamination. UV-C light disinfection is widely used in Hospitals around the world, we have engineered products which allows Offices & Homes to deploy safe UV disinfection products, which are safe had zero regular maintenance required. Our standard products can be ordered directly from TechMed.


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UV Air Sterilizer

UV Air Sterilizer

UV Surface Sterilizer

Handheld UV Surface Sterilizer

UV Cleaner for Split AC

UV Cleaner for Split AC

Ultraviolet for HVAC Air Duct

Ultraviolet for HVAC Air Duct


HOW UV-C Technology works?

UV light, like radio waves and X-rays, is an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation. It causes sunburns by destroying cells, and this cell-destroying ability is what makes it effective for destroying biological air particles. Ultraviolet light is a form of light that rests just outside the visible spectrum for humans. The wavelength of UV light is shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays. Science says that UV light makes up about 10% of the sun's output.

UV-C This specific radiation in the wavelength range of 300–400 nm spectrum of UV Light is most harmful to living organisms and cells. Here our Earth's Ozone layer comes to help, and it blocks UV-C light hitting the earth's surface.

How UV Products can help you clean Offices & Homes?

Offices & Homes being closed areas are ideal ground for Virus and Bacteria to grow, controlled temperatures are ideal for their survival. Chemical base spray and disinfectants are commonly used, UV-C technology products are available but not widely marketed and have to be safely used. Biological contamination is primarily found on Surfaces and Air we breath, we offer handheld products which can be used for surface & Air sterilization.

You can clean all items of daily use like Sofa seats, Computer Keyboards, Dinning tables, Shoe racks, Toilets, even car seats using UV Light, you imagine areas and UV-C can ideally be used safely.

TechMed's UV products are well designed keeping it safe for your home and office use, while handling UV light one should not directly look into the light source and avoid exposer to skins surfaces.


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