Ultraviolet UV Cleaner forSplit Ductless Air Condition Units

UV Light Disinfection Stops biological virus, bacterial, fungus or mold growth on fan, coil and other surfaces thus stops related bad odors.

Dust and moisture in your AC fans and Inner surfaces are ideal breading grounds for micro biological contamination, regular AC service does not clean deep inner areas of the unit, the air released is infected with virus, germs, bacteria and mold, today 90% of Homes & Offices breath polluted Air.

TechMed introduces SplitUV which provides maximum UV-C germicidal disinfection for Indoor Split Air Condition units, such standalone AC units are found in Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Spas, Banks, Restaurants, etc...

High-intensity UV lamps which produce 254nM wavelength UVC light kills microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, and molds that grow inside Air condition indoor split AC units, besides, it reduces airborne biological contamination. UVC light also helps to clean and improve indoor air quality and stops biological contamination growth on AC blower fans.

The SplitUV unit can easily be installed by commercial or residential HVAC contractors. The unit comes with 2 UV-C light fixtures which are moisture-proof in an aluminum casing, it can be directly mounted near the AC Air blower with screws or using double-sided adhesive tape (3M tapes).

Also, you have to install Electronic UVC tube drivers this can be installed inside the AC unit or can also be mounted external side of the indoor split unit. The unit works on 110V/230V AC and the power can be sourced from the AC input directly. Installation time is around 15 minutes for the professional technician, below we have shown steps for installation.


UV-C Intensity : 0.85 nW/cm2
Fits into all major AC Brands
Easy to fit in under 10 minutes
Power Option 110AC to 240VAC
Two UV Germicidal 254nM lamps
Rugged IP20 Aluminum Construction

Ideal Application

  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Medical Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Research Centers
  • Spas